Friday, August 21, 2009

Tsubasa Shinraiki

OMG .. I cant believe that I never know that there is another OVA of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations ...and that OVA is already out at April.. now already August...I just know it .. Can I be call as a fans of Tsubasa??? But really..I not like that big fans like toward Saiyuki ...XD.. but never mind although is a bit late but I have finish it just now .. It just 2 episode...

Shinraiki in english it means by that we will know the OVA is talking about when Sakura know she was a clone just like the fake Syaoron.. It just a part of the manga.. but it really nice.. it bring back my memories toward the manga..That I almost forgot..
It start with ... the curse in Fye body unseal at his homeland after Kurogane killed Asura[the king]
then the best part is Kurogane cut off his hand to rescue Fye... and of course they are saved at Nihon Country,Kurogane homeland and Tomoyo-hime too...

Kurogane get an artificial hand as well from Fuuma by the request of Fye to Yuuko[the witch] and the price is the magic he left..
the second best part is Seishinrou appear in Nihon ..asking Fye about Komui and Subaru [the twin Vampires] and then Syaoron fight with he to get back Sakura's feather that Seishinrou get from another dimension... and he successed ..

the 3rd part is the both syaoron appear inside the dream and they fight over the feather... and then Sakura get stabbed and her soul disappear and she revealed that she is also a clone like the fake Syaoran... OMG ..

then it ended with Syaoran, Fye , Kurogane and Mokona ask where about Fei Wang and went to CLow Country to get Sakura back ~

How can I never know about it .....sad ~

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