Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pandora Hearts ' Eliot and Leo'

Eliot and Leo finally on anime. hahhaa. Excited. Although they already make their second appearance in manga. By the way, Eliot look nicer in anime. I like him.

Same as the manga, they meet in Library and talk about the book Holy Knight. I agree with what Eliot said about Edgar in the Holy Knight and Oz. Oz really same as the Edgar in the Holy Knight. Always concerned about other than himself, not afraid to be hurt himself if it will protect other, willing to die to protect other. Eliot hate the self-righteous and self-sacrificed. As Eliot say he throw away himself to protect his master and die alone, that just self-sacrificed. What he does will just broke the hearts of people who support him and the one he protect. All the 'self-sacrificed' thing only pleased himself and can never save any body. These only leave pain and suffer to those who were left behind and alive. If you give up without even trying you just pushing the pain onto other people. Well say Eliot!

Stop talking about those serious thing ... now to the fun things...
Oz and Eliot fight in the library really is brilliant. I like the scene is very funny. Oz really act like a kid. XD . Secondly is Gil and Alice in the garden, they were hiding in garden to avoid chasing. Alice smell the smell of meat..haha .. just like Luffy from One Piece shouting'MEEEAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and run toward the smell left Gil behind. While Gil want to chase for Alice, he was discovered by a bunch of female student there. Haha .. and they all fall in love with Gil asking him a lot of think . [ wow I hope I in Gil place XD] oh..forgot to mention about Leo. Although he is the servant of Eliot, but somehow he took control on Eliot.XD

Now move on to the sad thing. Baskervilles appeared and they catch Ada [oz's sister] and Oz. The most terrible things is they poisoned Ada. What a jerk and bitch , doing that to Ada. -sigh-

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