Saturday, August 1, 2009

KHR 144

Tsuna win over Colonello by using Gokudera as a decoy. For the very first time that I think Gokudera isn't useless...XD [ sorry all the gokudera's fans] Colonello shocked face is so cute..XD ..
and pity Colonello got bitten up by Lal his tutor. Then 3 Arcobaleno walk together is a nice scenario.

Skull is here. Skull is very funny, start to like he. I want to see he face behind the mask. And I like the scene where Reborn tease Skull. hahahaha .. nice 1 .. and then Marmon appear too.

hmm... Dr Shamal back to scene. And he seem like know who is the twins and aware of them. I really want to know their identities.XD

Lastly, Tsuna got to fired up Hibari and bring him to Kokuyo land while in the other hand Tsuna go to find Mukuro too and bring him out of Kokuyo land. The Tsuna above isn't the real Tsuna. The real Tsuna wouldn't dare to do so. And finally Hibari and Mukuro meet and they start to fight. While the real Tsuna is there sending Onigiri for Chrome. Who was that make up the two fake Tsuna. At first I thought is the twin, but later after see the preview for next episode, I think is Marmon illusion.

Cant wait for the next ..
Guardian fight. Mist VS Cloud.
Hibari VS Mukuro .....

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