Friday, August 21, 2009

『最遊記異聞』...Saiyuki The Different

Since Saiyuki Reload manga was ended and the next series Saiyuki Reload Blast will only be available at the end of the year December and on Zerosum at 2010 January so between this period Kazuya-Minekura Sensei decided to put in a special~that Saiyuki The Different . Even though it is a short series, I still very look forward to it and it will be Zerosum magazine month OCTOBER ~2 month later...I not really sure about the storyline but from what I guess it will be about Komyou Sanzo[Genjo Sanzo's master]
Really Looking forward to it ...

and in this period Kazuya sensei is busy at the saiyuki reload original artbook which will be on sale soon at25 August in Japan
and here some of the picture in it ..
Total 24 picture inside it..All the picture is so nice ..
I really want it ..I hope I live in Japan now ...~

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andry said...

sayuki reload very amizing anime :)