Monday, August 3, 2009


New Manga that I found and currently reading. I found that the storyline is quite nice and I continue reading it . It turn out to be not bad, now just read until halfway because is late already and I cant wasting my time reading manga when the exam is coming closer.

The summary from web,
Out of the blue, a beautiful girl asks Kakeru to run away with her. This could be any boy’s dream come true, but there’s something strange afoot. It turns out that the girl is on the run from a shadowy government organization intent on using her psychic abilities for its own nefarious ends. But why does she need Kakeru’s help? Could it be that he has secret powers, too?

Now on my own, Kakeru at first just a ordinary student then he saw a naked ghost who is Ayano, and ask he to come with her and reach a old house, inside it there is another person name shaoron, and Juoi. They all turned out to be prodigy[ a power user ..something like that ] they all have a super power. After that Kaito another prodigy join them. And they are fighting a shadowy government organization which they name it as farmer and they took in children who is born to be prodigy [wild plant] and those who become prodigy by drug and chemical [ indoor plant]. Juoi power is foresee the future and Kakeru will be the one who save the world. Kakeru dint seem to be a prodigy but as Juoi foresee and said that Kakeru power is even higher than prodigy and the villains named he as 'type o' but I still havent see his power ....I wonder what it will nice to keep reading...XD

From left : Juoi , Shaoron and Kaito [just like those girls yelling ... they're so coolXD]

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