Monday, January 11, 2010

GetBackers^ 2nd part

We yesterday say till the 2nd and 3rd favourite characters ...XD
which is Akabane Kurodo ... actually before watching and reading it .... I already fall for he .. XD
he just look too cool ...or maybe because the person who draw the picture .. is too great ..

I wish I am the one who draw this ..XD from the picture above .. he dint look scary or evil ..
so gentle look on his face ... at first I thought he is a good guy ..XD but after watching it ...
he is a sick guy...sick on his mind ..who just enjoy killing[this what I fall for him.. maybe I am the one who sick on his mind] .. XD but that make me fall for him more .. but not more that Ban-chan [since he is the strongest]

Then the 3rd 1 .. Kazuki ... first I doubt about his gender .. I thought he was a girl .. well everyone think so ... XD then when he talk .. he sound like a guy I confused .. at the end .. he is a guy .. haha..
Look like a girl right ???? A perfect lady look .. XD ..
Nothing to talk about him anymore .. I just like the fact that he look like a girl .. XD

NeXT .. there are some pairing that I love a lot ... not like coupling that kind ... I not into those love love situation ...XD

Well the best pairing .. goes to AKABANE KURODO and AMANO GINJI ..
when these two together .. I really cant stop laughing ... since Ginji is so cute and scare of Akabane..and Akabane show a great interest at Ginji ...

Then the 2nd goes to Kazuki and Juubei .... hmm their pairing is a bit BL .. what I like is not the BL scene between them .. is how the other especially Ban-chan talking about their relation ..XD the real relation between them .... they are childhood friends ...XD

the 3rd???? hmm .. well i dont know who going to pair with Ban-chan ..since whoever he be with .. they become the best ..XD like when he with Shidou ... Ginji .. Himiko ..Hevn ... and more more more ..XD

That all for today ...and for GetBackers ..
If I think of something new .. I will update again ..XD
See ya .. Have a nice day ^^

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