Thursday, January 14, 2010


YEAH!!!!!!!! Finally there is an update for all the manga chapter ..

1st is .. SAIYUKI RELOAD BLAST CHAPTER 1 .. english translate .. I FINALLY understand what they are talking about ..XD

2nd .... SAIYUKI IBUN CHAPTER 3 RAW...I FINALLY get to continue the story .. but too bad I dont understand a thing from raw .. hope the translation come out faster ..

3rd ... ONE PIECE CHAPTER 570.. FINALLY reach the super climax ..
whitebeard order his man to protect luffy .. because of his power man .
and next chapter!!!!!!!!!!! LUFFY versus GARP!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR IT

4th .. BLEACH CHAPTER 388... FINALLY ..... I can read it ...
well i dont like the fact that Ichigo is going to fight with Aizen ..
but i like the last page of this chapter ...

OMG!!! so cool ... wait .. where is ukitake .. oh .. he is injured by that fucking wonderwise ..
then where is Hiyori??? oh .. she is injured too .. and why is Omaeda there ??? that stupid .. useless fatty ...XD .. he should be the one injured .. not Hisagi or Kira ..haizz

5th ....SOUL EATER CHAPTER 69...FINALLY one month have pass ..XD
this chapter MEDUSA versus JUSTIN!!!!! battle start ..
but the battle stop half way .. interrupt by the BEARMAN and the MONKEY [one of the death scythe] ... I think that bearman is pretty strong ..I want see the real fight soon ..
and KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the last part of the chapter ..... omg he is so damn funny ..XD
he say that he wont ask for help .. but at the end .. he shout it .. because he cant stand it ..

6th ... FAIRY TAIL 166 ... FINALLY I saw GILDARTS's face ..XD
a bit disappointing ..that he fail the 100 years quest .. XD
and the about the black dragon .... I guess NATSU is going to trace that dragon down ...
go for it NATSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7th lastly ... FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST CHAPTER 103 ....
What is SCAR's plan??? Calling all the his man ...maybe is what they discover from his brother's note ... and SCAR's hands .. destruction and reconstruction??? OMG so cool ..

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! This weeek sure is the best week.. XD
and also I start my work .. so damn tiring ...

and for your information .. I going to make a post about BLEACH - ZANPAKTOU ARC ... next week.. after the arc end .. please look forward for it ..XD

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