Sunday, January 10, 2010

d0uBle is BaCK

Long time no see ... I'm finally come back ...
It been awhile since my last post ..XD about 4 month I think ...

Why I away got such a long time????
The reason is simple ..
is just that
1) I'm lazy to update it
2) I'm busy reading manga and watching anime
3) I didn't have much time to on-line
4) I just simply forget about here...XD [ this the main reason]
and so on ..

Now I'm Back in action ...
New Year New Look
I edited the look of my blog ...
change new photo for the header ..
change background colour and so on ....
but one thing didn't change ... That is ... no matter what picture I change for the header ..
It will always be SAIYUKI `Sanzo Ikkou~ XD

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