Friday, January 29, 2010


Hahaha .. I make this post is because .. It been such a long time I dint post anything ..
and now I want to share something super funny with you guys ...
you guys should go read this manga Beelzebub ..... SO DAMN CRAZY ..haha
especially at the recent chapter ...

1st .. Baby Beel become bigger .. XD ..
2nd .. OGA ordering baby beel to ATTACK!!!!! ..XD Oga is so damn crazy riding on baby beel's head
3rd ... Baby Beel Win ..XD Bwaahhaha .. I just cant stop laughing ..what the heck is the fight ..
4th .. is that stupid Furuichi... hahaha .. his action is totally stupid .. but he has luck .. I guess this is maybe the god love idiots ..XD

This manga sure is FANTASTIC ... haha ..remember to read it ..
oh and before is forget .. this is from the before .. that is what I love very much in this manga ..

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