Friday, July 24, 2009

One Piece Chapter 550&551

Just found out this unbelievable truth. I got shocked when I read it. I never thought ace to be the son of pirate king. The story go by when Pirate king going to die and is imprisoned he asked Monkey D Garp [ his friend] to take care the son of his after his wife gave birth. He say his son have no sin so Garp must take care of he and for his wife was killed. So Ace become Luffy's brother. I want to see what is luffy's reaction after he know the truth, I guess it sure will be funny. And now the Whitebeard pirate appear at the marine base and prepare to save Ace. They came from undersea. And now luffy is on his way to here too to save Ace. I hoping luffy to arrive sooner and show everyone his greatness and i also hope luffy crewmen will show up there.

In luffy's way to marine base, Buggy is been look up by everyone after knowing he once is the crewman on the pirate king's ship although he is pretty useless.

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