Friday, July 24, 2009

KHR Arcobaleno First Trial

The Arcobaleno trial finally started. The first trial will be with arcobaleno COLONELLO, combat expert. And so the first trial surely is to test their combat skills. The 2 who going to get test is Gokudera and Tsuna. Before that let tell some about Colonello.


Colonnello is the holder of the Blue pacifier. Though he is not part of the original seven Arcobaleno, he attained the blue pacifier after attempting to take Lal's place[his tutor] on the day that they were all turned into babies. He is in charge of the training ground behind Mafia Land and was a former member of the COMSUBIN, thus he is not averse to using heavy artillery, using an anti-tank rifle as his primary weapon. His animal partner is an eagle that usually rests atop his head and it can help him fly to distant places. Colonnello also acts like a rival towards Reborn and vice-versa, but despite this, he shares many traits with Reborn, like being a merciless tutor, suddenly taking naps, and having a sharp tongue. He trains Ryohei in preparation for the Vongola Tournament, and in the future, he is said to have died trying to protect Viper.

At first Lal arrive in the roof top and give a shot to Tsuna . The other[Gokudera, Yamamoto and Ryouhei] realized and protected Tsuna. And Lal say they pass and the one who not pass is tsuna and say that Vongola X is such a loser. Then Tsuna realised she is Lal and Gokudera dont believe and got kick by Lal. They thought Lal is the arcobaleno for the first trial. But that not it Lal is just the observer for the arcobaleno trial as she is the the holder of a corrupted pacifier. She is a female member of the Arcobaleno who states that she cannot live up to the Arcobaleno name, considering herself to be one of its weakest members. This is due to her curse being incomplete after Colonnello, her former subordinate in the COMSUBIN, attempted to take her place. Colonnello who had tried to save her from getting the curse resulted in a incomplete transformation that clouded her pacifier, and caused her original rain energy to change into both the mist and cloud energies, as well as causing the scars on her face.

Then there come Colonello and he met with Lal. They start to fight then. Their combat skill is really great but yet Colonello lost to Lal. And Colonello say is happy to see Lal again and that make Lal blush XD. Then the trial started. At first when they say the trial will be participate by the sky ring holder and another of his guardian, Gokudera and Ryouhei fight to participate. And the Colonello announce that Gokudera will be the one. Gokudera immediately attack Colonello and fight like it on fight. And after that Tsuna join and suggest they will be fighting together. I kind of hate Gokudera that always think that he is the best personality.
Actually I hope that the one fighting will be Hibari. But i guess Hibari will be fighting with Fon. XD

By the way, in this episode there r 2 new transfer students, Monta Hariyama and Himeko Hariyama. They two are twins but doesn't look a like. I wonder what kind of role will they take? a part of millefiore or arcobaleno [ but that is impossible]


Anonymous said...

my guess on the twins. someone from varia family? maybe viper ?
did you hear them say father like to throw things. sounds like xanxus, mother like to scream, squalo anyone?

d0uble said...

hahaha .. nice one.. maybe so ..

Anonymous said...

the twins are bel and mammon under mammon's illusion. himeko is easy because of her name and i found out from someone that monta means greedy or something like that. plus, at the end of mammon's trial, didn't you hear himeko's laugh and the knives she threw? and bel and mammon were eating at takesushi when yamamoto came home.

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