Sunday, July 26, 2009

My most favourite


haha.. I just realised that no matter how much anime and how much manga I watch and read the one I like the most always is saiyuki although sometimes I will addicted to another anime for sometime like Katekyo Hitman Reborn, One Piece, Eyeshield 21, Soul Eater .........

Today I just re-read Saiyuki Reload Manga and it bring out a lot of memories. Is very nice to read no matter how much I read I still wouldn't get bored. After reading the manga, I went to watch the anime and I compare. I found out that the manga is absolutely better than the anime since the plot in manga is better than anime especially in the part where Hazel appear. This is because in the manga Ukoku Sanzo appear and Goku almost get killed. The second reason is the graphic, the manga's graphic is best. Kazuya Minekura sensei artwork is really something. Although the artwork in Gensomaden Saiyuki is really not good and I don't like it but Sensei did improve a lots. You can see the improvement in Saiyuki Reload.

Ukoku Sanzo[ Dr. Nii Jyeni] and Koumyou Sanzo[Genjo Sanzo's master]

In Saiyuki Reload manga, the best part I love is EVEN A WORM. When they first meet Hazel just like in anime. Then after that is a little bit different from the anime. The biggest different is that Hazel know Ukoku Sanzo the holder of the Muten Sutra. And they talked about Seiten Taisei. The most important part is the reason Sanzo leave the group in anime they leave is because of Lirin but in the manga is because of Goku. When Goku and Sanzo talking at the street beside their inn, Goku got attack and wounded badly is almost dead. Sanzo was shock at the time because he can't sense any presence around him and he suddenly remember when he was small when he was under the care of Koumyou Sanzo he felt this way too when Ukoku visit them. Goyjo and Hakkai came out from the inn and saw this they ask Sanzo to move a way and Sanzo didn't heard anything and so Hakkai slapped he [the best scenario] Then Sanzo walked away and while Goyjo ask he where are he heading to, he said he going to kill THAT GUY. But it seem Sanzo failed. And to save Goku, Hakkai suggest to take off his seal and released Seiten Taisei. But after that they can't put back the seal to Goku's head. So Hakkai released his demon form and fight Goku. It really is a impressive fight is a waste that it is not in the anime. And after that Hakkai managed to knock Seiten Taisei unconscious with the help of Gato gunshot to the sky which bring the electric in the lightning and strike Seiten Taisei . Hakkai and Goku is both heavily injured and Sanzo come at that time and Goyjo carried those 2 and said now my hand is full and cant beat you to senseless now and leave. Sanzo walked to the opposite direction of them and when with Hazel.

Hazel & Gato

But that isn't the best part. The best part will be the fight between Sanzo ikkou with the demon in Hazel's body and Ukoku Sanzo. If they make this into anime, I bet it will be the best scene ever saw.

Ukoku & the demon Hazel in the last chapter

By the way, there is one funny part that I cant forget is where Zakuro made his second appearance in the manga. He was fainted due to thirst and Goku passed by and help him. Then the 2 become friends and Zakuro said that he going to kill his enemy [it mean Sanzo] Zakuro didn't know that Goku is part of Sanzo Ikkou is because in Zakuro's first appearance Goku is seperate with the other in the river.Then Youkai suddenly attack them and Zakuro uses his ability to defeat them. At that time Sanzo, Hakkai and Goyjo appear and calling for Goku and see Goku is with Zakuro. Hakkai claimed to the other youkai around that Zakuro had join the Sanzo Ikkou . XD ..hahahhahaha .. this really is funny ... haha

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