Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Piece`Roronoa Zoro`

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Zoro the swordsman in straw-hat pirates crew ....
aiming for the greatest swordsman in the world .. in part of kuina..
used to be pirates hunter ... using 3-sword style ..
santouryuu........... cool man ..
and the way he think ... and the way he talk is cool and super funny ..
and all the idea he come out with ...
make me laugh until stomachache ..
example ..

when the going to enels lobby with rocketman ..
but the door is shut down....
he come out with and idea... other think it is a good idea ..
but wat is say is ... .depend on luck ..XD hahahahha

and when he fighting one of the CP9 kaku ..he was handcuffed together with sogeking[usopp]
he come out with an idea play 'janken' [rock paper scissor] and who lose have to cut off his hand ..and go get chopper to sew the hand back ... this make me laugh the most ..
in the end ....he use a new technique ...the katana is sogeking ..XD hahaha
and yet he trying so hard to think a name for him XD

1 comment:

m.kah said...

zoro is so cuteee!!!!!!
and yet he owaz get lost whn he arrived to a new place...zzz
u watch so fast!