Saturday, September 22, 2007

1st blog`

This is the 1st post in my blog and i dont know what to write here. I guess I will just post about my favourite anime here - SAIYUKI-

It was the 1st anime I watch and the main reason why I so addicted to anime. At 1st I just shifting the programme in Television. Then I accidentally shift to animax and at the time SAIYUKI RELOAD GUNLOCK is airing and I watch it then I totally fall in love with it. That time it already airing until episode 14 and I only start that time. First I just follow it, then I start to search online about it and I found out it has 3 series, GENSOMADEN SAIYUKI, SAIYUKI RELOAD and SAIYUKI RELOAD GUNLOCK. I start to watch all of it, after finishing all of it, I start to reading it manga then at that time i fall in love with KAZUYA MINEKURA work not only saiyuki but wild adapter, bus gamer, honey comb and other. Then one day when I went shopping I found that saiyuki DVD is on sale so i bought it and not longer I bought saiyuki reload and gunlock too now i possessed all of saiyuki series DVD but not SAIYUKI RELOAD BURIAL yet. I want to buy saiyuki manga too but I facing finance problem, I cant waste my parent's money to buy those I have to use myself but I have not enough now I keeping money for buying it after graduate.

That all for the 1st blog I will post more about it in the future and another anime I in love too, so you better catch up with it.

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